Morning :

wake up at 6.00 a.m. dress lose and go for a jog for 15 minutes or use cardio bike in the community center, do some weights, or ball workout , proceed to outdoor fitness park spend another 10 minutes on all the four fitness equipment’s or go for a badminton game, or play solo basket ball throw or relax near the water fountain for 10 minutes, go for a swim in the cool water in the pool.

Enjoy the mountain view from the pool, Appreciate and thank God for being blessed with such a beautiful nature. Begin your day with a lot of positive feelings.

Evening :

Go to the park with kids, let them play in the play arena, take a seat in the Gazebo or in the kiosk shelter, meet community friends and chit-chat, watch your children play and learn, see them making friends, gaining confidence by interacting with other children,  listen to the chirping of birds, watch the flowers and fruits on the plants, feel the breeze touching you gently.


Go to the community center sit down with a book, play table foot ball with your young one, or do some yoga and go for a brisk walk.

QUIETLY…… darkness begins to encapsulates the nature ! 

As the dusk begins walk towards the fountain, listen to the soothing sound of water flowing on the rocks, start experiencing the connection with Mother nature. Feel the positive vibrations reaching you, sit down with your eyes closed for 10 minutes fill your mind with tranquility, experience the incredible peace of mind. slowly walk back home.