We are trying to create an eco-friendly and sustainable community and therefore have put into practice various systems to ensure that all residence will do their bit in preserving our environment.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have adopted numerous sustainability initiatives including: renewable energy generation by daylight harnesing ,  smart control irrigation for garden, tube composting of kitchen waste for organic home garden, planting various fruit trees to invite birds and enjoy home grown fruits.

we encourage segregated collection of recyclable waste which will help preserve our ever depleting natural resources, rain water harvesting is another step we have taken to help enhance ever depleting ground water levels. Idea is to make this a model community, hoping that others around will understand the need to preserve our environment for our future generations and start practicing in similar manner.


It is human nature to endure and advance along with the community they live in. Since the beginning  of mankind, community living provided us feeling of security, sense of belonging and growth by sharing the resources. In the modern life, these factors much needed as our busy work schedules create a gateway for isolation and loneliness in our loved ones minds back home.

Socialising is proven to be very necessary for healthy living. Community living brings us closer to society, encourages interactions and exchange of culture. It provides a breakout from the monotony that saturates our daily life and opens up a way to lead better and happier life.

Community living is highly advised for the positive growth of children’s mind and behaviors, children get more confident in their approach because of their interactions in the community, this will no doubt have greater impact on their future life.

Swimming pool, Outdoor fitness park, shaded children play arena and modern safe play equipments, Green area with Gazebo and contemporarily designed shelters to spend quality evening time with family and friends, Soothing water features, beautifully designed landscape with artistic sculptures and element of rocks,  Beautifully designed community center with indoor recreation facilities like table foot ball games, fitness equipments, yoga mats. 

This facility can also be used for community gatherings,  indoor and out door parties.   Community center has modern toilet , shower, wash room, and storage facility. Out-door basket ball and badminton court can inspire one to be active and healthy.